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Young Eland Bull


Stockfeeds Game Feeds have been formulated to meet the maintenance requirements of game animals.

Game Block (16% Crude Protein)

This block is suitable for year-round supplementary feeding of game. Feeding is easy because it fits the Duncan Applicator. A Duncan Applicator is used for the control of parasites such as ticks and flies.

Feeding Instructions

  • Impala - 0.5kg per head per day.
  • Sable and Kudu - 1kg per head per day.
  • Eland - 1.5kg-2kg per head per day.
Impala Ewe Nursing Calf

Game Nuts (16% Crude Protein)

These nuts are suitable for game that is under intensive management. The nuts are durable, so that they can withstand the harsh conditions found in the wild, to minimise losses.

Feeding Instructions

  • Feed in conjunction with good quality roughage.
  • Feeding rates are dependent on the condition of veld and species of animal but should be between 2kgs and 3kgs per head per day for the average sized game.
Zebra Walking

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